Pink Merino Wool Soaker

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Pink Merino Wool Soaker
#1505.210 Pink Merino Wool Soaker

The hand knitted soaker has been kettle dyed a soft pink color. We designed our hand knit soakers to comfortably over a cloth diaper. They have an internal drawstring which keeps curious fingers from taking their soaker off. We knit it from super soft merino wool yarn that is great for day or night use!

Our wool soakers provide amazing leak protection - especially over night. When paired with an absorbent cloth diaper your wool will keep your baby swaddled and warm while keeping the sheets dry until the morning. This is a very soft and spongy wool that absorbs an amazing amount of liquid.

In warm or hot weather soakers can be worn with a t-shirt or dress. Wool covers are the coolest and most breathable cloth diaper cover. In the cooler weather they can be worn under clothes or jammies so you can expect to get a lot of wear out of your soakers!

Wool soakers should be washed by hand about once every two weeks and lanolized monthly. We recommend washing your Llamajama wool covers and longies in Llamajama Tea Tree Wool Wash. It has been tested best to clean our wool without causing the color to bleed. We do not recommend washing wool with soaps that contain fragrance oils. Llamajama 100% Pure Liquid Lanolin is the easiest way to lanolize your wool covers. It is pure lanolin without the additives found in many of the spray products currently on the market.

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