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About Us

Llamajama Hand Knitted Woolens for Babies and children

Hand knited woolens that make a difference

Since 2004 Llamajama has been producing high-quality natural wool clothing for children.  The family-owned business employs artisan knitters to make their fine snuggle suits, sweaters, blankets, longies, and shorties.

Company owner, Meredith Kubicki, resides in New Jersey with her husband, Jeff, and three children, Piper, Griffin and Ryder.  She worked for ten years as a corporate product developer creating products for internationally recognized brands.  Through this experience she gained much insight into the needs of the global markets she served.  After being suddenly laid off while pregnant with her daughter, Meredith conceived the idea of a line of quality knitwear for children.  And Llamajama was born.

Llamajama’s Mission

The mission of Llamajama is to provide mothers with beautiful, natural, hand-knitted wool clothing for their babies and children.  The production of this clothing by the artisans of Ecuador ensures their beauty and durability while providing solutions to the community’s high poverty rate.  Llamajama is proud to be able to manufacture their products while empowering women and protecting the environment.

Making a Difference

Llamajama’s products are knitted in Ecuador by a cooperative of professional knitters.  These women reside ina remote area in the Andes Mountains where the poverty rate is high and job opportunities are scarce.  Lack of child care makes it difficult for mothers to work, even if they are fortunate enough to find employment.  The cooperative provides a way for these women to make a living by knitting, a skill that has been passed on in Ecuador from generation to generation.

The member-owned, democratically managed cooperative allows these women to take control of their lives.  It not only provides them with steady income, it also builds their self-esteem and gives them a unique opportunity to socialize within their isolated community.  A portion of the cooperative’s profits is reinvested into the community, providing funds for public health programs and training. The power of cooperatives to provide long-term employment opportunities makes them an effective weapon in the fight against poverty.

Quality and Responsibility

Llamajama’s products are created from all natural sheep wool yarns that we purchase from a cooperatively owned mill in Ecuador.  Our wool is warm, durable, and beautiful.  The mill's sustainable and socially responsible business model is alligned with ours.  Not only is wool a natural product, it is also renewable and animal-friendly.

All of Llamajama products are knitted on needles. No industrial machines are used in the production of our fine products. This results in higher quality and minimal impact on the enviroment.