Wool Care – Llamajama

Wool Care

Llamajama Washing Instructions

We recommend hand washing your Llamajama hand knits using warm water and shampoo. Let garment soak for a few minutes. Gently squeeze suds through the fabric taking care not to felt the wool. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. Roll garment in a towel to remove excess water. Reshape and dry flat. Never hang your wool to dry as it will cause them to get misshapen.  

Diaper Covers Lanolizing Instructions

To use your Llamajma wool longies or wool soakers as a cloth diaper cover you will need to wash tehm first in lanolin. Lanolin is a grease that is on wool but washed out during the cleaning process. Adding lanolin back into wool will it to repel moisture. You can find lanolin in any store that sells breastfeeding supplies like nursing pads.  

Lanolizing your wool longies or soakers is very easy. Stir a pea size amount (about ¼ teaspoon) of lanolin into a sink of warm water and stir the lanolin to mix it with the water. Turn your wool longies or wool soaker inside out and soak it in the lanolin water for about ten minutes to allow the lanolin to penetrate the fibers. Remove the soaker or longies from the water and lay them flat to dry. To remove excess water - and dry them much more quickly roll them in a towel. You should not need to lanolize your Llamajama wool soakers or longies after every wash, about once a month should be fine depending on how often they are worn.