Wool Longies Fit Guide – Llamajama

Wool Longies Fit Guide

We want it to be easy to choose your child's longies so we size our clothes based on standard children's sizes. All of our clothes are designed to allow room for growth so for the best fit we don't recommend sizing up.

Size Guide: Llamajama Hand Knit Wool Longies
Newborn 7 in 6.5 in 20-25 in 8-15 lbs
  18 cm 17 cm 50-64 cm 3-7 kg
6 Months 9 in 18 in 25-29 in 15-22 lbs
  22.9 cm 45.7 cm 64-74 cm 7-10 kg
12 Months 10 in 18 in 27-31 in 18-26 lbs
  25.4 cm 45.7 cm 69-79 cm 8-12 kg
18 Months 11 in 20 in 29-34 in 22-29 lbs
  27.9 cm 50.8 cm 74-86 cm 10-13 kgs
24 Months 12 in 21 in 31-35 in 29-32 lbs
  30.5 cm 53.3 cm 79-89 cm 14-15 kg
3T Toddler 13 in 22 in 34-37 in 32-35 lbs
  33 cm 55.9 cm 86-94 cm 15-16 kg

Measurement guide:

Inseam: The inseam measurement determines how long the pants are. To measure your child's inseam, measure a pair of well fitting pants from the crotch to the bottom of the pant. Or, measure the child (with diaper on) from the crotch to the top of foot.

Rise: The rise tells you how high on the waist the pants will fit. You measure the inseam by measuring from the top of the diaper (near the belly button), through the crotch and around the back to the top of the back of the diaper. Our longies are designed to be high waisted to completely cover the average cloth diaper. If your child will not be wearing their longies as a cloth diaper cover you will appreciate the high waist as it keeps their back and tummy covered.

Waist/hips: Our longies have lots of stretch and come with an adjustable drawstring waistband.

Height/weight: The height and weight measurements given are based on average sizes. Since all children are build differently this is meant to be a helpful guide for choosing your child's size.